Line & Design has evolved over the years - first established by Lynley in 1995 as a landscape design business, our landscape construction arm was added in 2000 lead by Kent and together our two businesses have worked together creating beautiful landscapes across Cambridge, Hamilton and the wider Waikato region.

Expansion into the construction of custom in-ground fibreglass swimming pools and the continued demand and growth in this industry has seen our construction team now specialise exclusively in swimming pool projects and the surrounding hardscaping - providing the total swimming pool package.  We can provide recommendations for specialised lawn and planting services.

Our design team has grown to include our 3D visual specialists and CAD technicians and our work has expanded into numerous residential, commercial and urban development projects.

Our design and construction businesses continue to collaborate and provide services together and  we also flexibly provide our services independently from each other working with various other designers and contractors of your choice.