design service

Our design service commences with an initial free of charge on-site consultation. This consultation is all about getting to know you, your landscape, your taste and your wants and needs.

Our design service is tailored to every client's individual requirements. You may want to just use our services for ideas, brainstorming, or perhaps confirmation that you're heading in the right direction yourself. For this level of service we can provide any number of consultations that you require charged at an hourly rate.

If you are after a full design plan then we will discuss pricing options with you upfront at our initial free of charge onsite consultation. Our design plans are highly personalised, detailed, scale drawings, suitable for use by all subcontractors. We have integrated software technology into the production of our design plans enabling you to see the desired final effect of your landscape through the use of 3 dimensional visual tools.

We provide planting plans and plant sourcing and supply, either together with or independantly from a full design plan. Our plant sourcing and supply service saves you the hassle of tracking down plant varieties from numerous nurseries. We deliver on-site and place the plants ready for planting.

Following on from our design completion you may wish to then engage our construction team to provide project management and total project completion. Click here to read about our construction service.