construction: swimming pools and landscaping

We offer a complete swimming pool and surrounding landscape construction service commencing with an initial free of charge on-site consultation in order to provide you with a detailed quotation.  

Our swimming pools are custom on-site fibreglass construction which provides complete flexibility on the size and shape of your swimming pool. Concrete floor and wall stabilisers provide the perfect substrate for a flawless fibreglass finish that we spray on-site.  We offer a range of colour finishes to choose from and have partnered with top equipment manufacturers for the supply of filtration and plumbing supplies that are of the highest standard. 

We also offer a renovation service for existing tired concrete or fibreglass swimming pools.  The process of re-coating the entire pool surface provides a smooth and chemical resistant surface which is tough and easy to clean.

Our design team can assist with the design of your swimming pool either on its own or as part of an entire landscape plan.  Our construction completes you project working closely with the design team to ensure a great result true to the plan.

We offer our construction service independantly from our design service so if you already have a design plan or have no plan at all don't hesitate to contact us for a quote.